5 Things I do as a dog mom that normal people don’t


I narrate what I am doing constantly: When I am at my house, Gus and Eva love to hang out in whatever room I’m in and sit next to me while I watch TV, eat lunch, straighten my hair, do laundry, work on homework, etc. Since they are always on my tail (lol) I’ve gotten used to talking to them about what I am doing. I’ll say, “I’m going to put my clothes in the dryer, want to help me?” or “I think I’m going to take a bath,” which leads me to the next thing I do as a dog mom…

I leave the bathroom door open: I come from a family of five kids with only one full functioning bathroom so growing up I learned to be easy going while showering and not necessarily caring about someone brushing their teeth or putting on their makeup at the same time. Now that I live with my boyfriend Erick it doesn’t bother me one bit to not only leave the door unlocked but also leave it wide open while I am in there. Eva has some German Pointer in her and absolutely loves the water, so when I take a bath she loves to keep me company and lick my wet skin. I enjoy her company as well because then I can of course narrate my bath time… “I’m shaving my legs Eva, maybe you need to shave yours too.”

I never wear black clothes in my house: More than half of my wardrobe is the color black. (like my soul…muhahaha) Even so, I will NOT wear any of my black clothes at my house. If I do they instantly become covered with white hair once Gus or Eva decides to brush up against my leg or sit on my lap. So even though I look best in black, I wait until I’m just about to walk out the door until I put it on.

I keep all of my heels up on cabinets: Eva is still teething so I can’t afford to leave my heels on the floor in case she would ever happen to get ahold of a pair. So in my closet room, (yes I have a separate room for my clothes and shoes) I always set my heels on top of my cabinets or hang them over my lengthwise mirror out of reach from my chewing monsters.

I set my plate on the floor when I’m done with my meal: Every time I’m done eating or cooking I will set the plate, bowl, pot or pan down on the floor for Gus and Eva to lick clean. I call them my mini dishwashers because I’m too lazy to rinse them off before putting them into the real one.


5 things I don’t like about Eva

She pees and jumps on guests: Eva gets really excited over the littlest things. Sometimes when friends or family come over she’s so happy to meet them at the door she will pee all over the floor and then jump up and scratch their legs. She’s trying to express that she is not a threat but it got really annoying really fast.

She hides poop downstairs: Eva thinks she is clever and goes downstairs every night to do her business. Erick and I don’t go down there very often because our roommate Savannah lives in the basement. I HATE walking down the stairs to discover little (or sometimes BIG) piles of poop everywhere. It’s disgusting.

She chews on everything: Eva is still teething so even though she has about a million toys (okay fourteen) she still chooses mine and Erick’s shoes and the coffee table instead. She chewed one of the legs of the table so much it broke.

She’s tries to be dominant: Eva tries to control Gus whenever they are playing with a certain toy. She growls if he grabs HER toy, and sometimes she even tries to growl while eating food out of HIS dog bowl.

5 things I don’t like about Gus

He sheds: Gus’ hair is everywhere. He is black, white, and brown, so no matter what I’m wearing his hair shows up on it. I am constantly buying bulk in the largest size lint rollers I can find, which are somewhat expensive. I also have to empty out my vacuum every time I’m finished cleaning, which is kind of disgusting. My advice to anyone thinking about getting a dog, get one that doesn’t shed!!

He whines during car rides: Gus can’t just lay down and fall asleep like Eva does during car rides. Instead he has to walk around the seat and stick his head out the window occasionally. During a long car ride he’ll whine because he wants out. He’ll continue to whine until I hit him on the nose and tell him to stop, and even then five minutes later he’s whining again. This is annoying during the hour long ride home to Westphalia,

He hates big groups of dogs: Gus is getting old and is not as playful anymore with other dogs. When we visit my parents and their herd of puppies Gus absolutely hates it because they swarm him and nibble on his long ears. He growls like an old grandpa to get them away but it just causes more attention. I don’t like how grumpy he’s getting because I can’t take him to the dog park anymore, which was something we both loved doing, until he started growling and biting at other dogs that would come up to play.

He doesn’t listen to me when he’s off the leash: He loves to hunt and it is frustrating in a way because when he’s got his nose to the ground on a hot trail and barking non-stop there’s no way for me to get him to listen to me. I know he was born with it in his blood to hunt but I wish he was a little better off leash so we would be able to take him to more places with us like on fishing trips and other recreational activities that he could enjoy with us outside.

5 things I love about Gus

He is well-behaved: Gus is a very calm dog. He is two and a half years old and officially past the puppy stage. He doesn’t chew my nice shoes anymore and he is also fully potty trained. I can leave him in the house for the day and know when I get home everything will be in the same spot it was when I left.

Gus calmly watching me fold laundry.
Gus calmly watching me fold laundry.

He is smart: Gus understands commands like “sit,” “stay,” “outside,” and even “bed.” He also knows when I grab his leash from the garage we are leaving the house. He gets really excited but tries to stay calm and sit so that I can hook his collar to his leash to go on our way.

He likes to snuggle: Gus can also be a very cuddly companion sometimes. He likes to lay right on top or beside us on the couch or our bed when Erick or I have been gone for awhile. He will nap right beside us the entire time. He also likes to show affection by putting his paws in my hands.


He is photogenic: Gus loves attention and I think he appreciates getting his photo taken. Anytime I take a photo he always seems to pose for the camera. I may be a little biased but I think he is beyond beautiful. His unique coloring of brown, black, and white is gorgeous compared to other dogs in general and even to his specific breed. I also love dressing him up in cute little jackets and he doesn’t seem to mind wearing clothes so it’s perfect.


He is a hunter at heart: Gus is a blue-tick walker, therefore he was born with it in his blood to hunt raccoons. Our plan originally was to train him to do so, but moving up to Columbia changed our original intentions. Even though he was never professionally trained, anytime we go back home he loves to run around in the woods and bay for hours on end. I don’t think he knows what he’s supposed to be hunting for, but anything that catches his attention he will chase after, like rabbits, squirrels, deer, etc. It makes me sad that we couldn’t train him but if we had he also wouldn’t be an inside dog and we probably wouldn’t have gotten to know his personality as well if that happened.

5 things I love about Eva

She loves to snuggle: Eva loves having fur-on-skin contact at almost all times of the day. As soon as I sit on the couch, she’ll climb up and plop on my lap. She’s also recently learned how to climb up onto our bed so she’s also been sleeping in between Erick and I. She even tries to climb into the tub when I’m taking a bath, though she never cooperates when it’s her bath time. Erick and I both enjoy her company and snuggling especially when one of us is out of town because it makes the other person feel less alone.

IMG_1393 IMG_1708

She loves to find antlers: Soon after my shed hunting story was published, (you can find that story here.) we got Eva. My boyfriend was so fascinated with training dogs to shed hunt, he started playing fetch with her with one of his old antlers. She still loves fetching antlers and from time to time Erick will hide several around the house and feed her treats when she sets them at his feet. Next shed hunting season we hope to bring her along if she keeps up the good work.


She doesn’t have to be on a leash: Eva is a mix of many different dogs and hunting is not a main part of her bloodline. I can let Eva out the front door from time to time because she stays near when Erick and I are outside and obeys when we tell her to come or go inside. We don’t have to worry about her running off into the woods to chase rabbits, deer, or whatever else Gus chases.

She is protective: Eva’s bark is ferocious. Any unfamiliar face or sound from outside the house receives a nasty growl from Eva. She especially loves looking out the window to see what’s up. And if she doesn’t like what she sees, you better watch out. Honestly she’s all bark and no bite but you can never be too careful when a stranger approaches. This is useful when people try to sell me stuff at my doorstep.

She will eat anything: Eva is like a mini vacuum cleaner. One day I accidentally left a chicken salad out of the fridge on deadline day. I dropped the container on the floor for the dogs, thinking that they would pick out the chicken and leave the rest. Instead I looked down to see the entire salad had disappeared! Anytime Erick or I accidentally drop food it is automatically licked up. It’s awesome that I don’t have to clean up after myself at least in the kitchen because Eva does it for me.

Out with the old, in with the new

Yesterday I decided it was time for new dog toys. Eva loves to sneak them outside one-by-one and bury them only to bring them back in the house completely dirty and rip out all the squeakers and fluff. So I went to Wal-Mart and spent way too much money on new dog toys. Here is what I got:


  • A new raccoon. Gus is a Blue-tick walker, which is commonly known as a type of coon dog. We originally got the raccoon for Gus around his second birthday. When we got Eva she took control over it and eventually ripped out the squeaker and got it caked in mud.
  • A new hedgehog with a camouflage belly. Again, this was originally a toy for Gus that he enjoyed while he was outside in the yard. It makes a noise when you squeeze it but it is more of a deep vibrating croak. Gus and Eva really enjoyed the unique noise until they decide to rip it to shreds one day in the yard.
  • A purple rubber polka-dotted pig. This pig also makes a unique squeal/snort. I’ve noticed that both Gus and Eva prefer stuffed toys versus rubber ones so this is not a huge favorite of theirs. I also think Eva is still a little freaked out by the noise it makes.
  • A blue 13-squeaker puppy. I thought Eva would absolutely love this toy because of how many squeakers it has in it and how much she loves tearing squeakers to pieces. But, she hasn’t shown much interest. Gus actually really enjoys carrying it around although he doesn’t even squeak it when he uses it.
  • A two-foot green dragon. Eva LOVES this toy. It is definitely her favorite because of the tissue paper sound the body makes when it is grabbed or moved around a lot. It also has a squeaker in the head but I don’t think she’s noticed that yet.
  • Last but not least, a new puppy puppet. Gus’ first chew toy was a puppy puppet. Erick would always play with Gus before Eva came along and he would use the puppet on his hand to grab his ears and paws to “attack” him. Gus LOVED puppet, and would throw it around and attack it even if Erick wasn’t playing along. Lately though puppet hasn’t gotten as much attention as it used to before Eva came into the picture. I decided to buy a new one and keep the two and a half year old toy in a box for a keepsake.


This past week I remembered a valuable lesson about adopting and caring for more than one pet: Don’t forget or abandon your first one – or either one for that matter! The video is a tad lengthy but shows real life situations some pet owners go through. I personally have been dealing with issues of Eva still potty training and teething. Erick and I don’t remember Gus ever being this bad and it has been hard at times and especially keeping up with regular punishment. Of course we would never give her away but at times we have made the comments. The video reminded us of how much we really do love BOTH our fur babies, no matter what kind of trouble they stir up.

Chunky Monkey needs a new bed


So, as you can tell Eva was getting a little too big for her puppy bed. Erick and I went to Walmart for a few things and I decided we needed to change that. So of course I had to get her a pink camouflage one to match her new collar. I cannot believe how fast she’s grown, it’s really sad 😦 I remember when I could hold her in my hand… but anyways I’m not quite sure if she loves her new bed as much as her old one yet. At first I think she thought it was a new chew toy and was more excited to chew it up than sleep in it. By now she’s taken a nap or two on it but either way I think both Gus and Eva prefer my bed over their own so maybe Erick and I should invest in our own newer bigger human bed? Hopefully soon. 🙂